Month: June 2010

Jokes of June


What is Your name?

Traffic police pulled over a very fast car and approached the driver with  note-book in hand.

‘You were driving 100 kilometers an hour. That’s 40 Kilometer more than the speed limit. What is your name?’

Driver : ‘Mickhaelovic Dubroevanscnzkics Dostoevsky’

Police, flipping his note-book shut: ‘Alright, don’t do it again’.

New Job

Young Chandu had just been hired at a new job. ‘Here’s how we work’, said the boss.

‘A customer comes in for a new pair of glasses. First you examine him. Then you start

showing him some frames.’

‘But the prices aren’t marked’, said chandu .

‘Exactly’, replied the boss.

‘When the customer selects a frame that he likes, he’ll ask you how much it costs, You say,

Rs. 200/-.

If he doesn’t object, then you add, ‘And the lenses, of course, are a hundred rupees.’

and if he still doesn’t object, you say ‘each’!’