Do you know these facts about India?

Today is 65th Republic day of India and if you ask any Indian questions regarding National Symbols, they answer each question quickly and feel proud about their country and knowledge about it. But if you ask them below questions, you may get below answers:

Q: What is national language of India?

A: Hindi

Q: What is national game of India?

A: Hockey

Well many people may agree that above answers are correct, but that’s not true.

Hindi is not India’s national language but one of the official language.

Hockey is not India’s national game but in fact India has no national game. In a reply to recent RTI by Aishwarya Parashar of Lucknow, the Sports Ministry has made it clear that it has not declared any sports as National Game.

Many Indians might have studied that Hindi is our national language and Hockey is our national game, but all you learn during academics is not entirely true, at least not these facts.

In a response to few other RTI by Aishwarya Parashar, the home ministry has said that Mahatma Gandhi cannot be accorded the ‘Father of the Nation’ title by government as the Constitution does not permit any titles except educational and military ones.

In response to another RTI, the home ministry clarified that no official orders were ever issued to observe holidays on 2nd October, 15th August and 26th January.


National Game:

  Father of the nation:

National Holidays:

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