Month: September 2017

SMS Organizer – Clean, Blocker, Reminders & Backup

SMS Organizer, a Microsoft Garage Project, is a FREE Android App that helps you focus on the SMS important to you, filters out all the spam, creates Reminder cards with quick actions and deep links, detects OTP, supports FREE SMS (which is not working as of now while writing this post), quick replies and much more. The machine learning (ML) based algo models automatically categorizes all your SMS into categories like Personal, Transactional and Promotional helping you declutter your SMS Inbox. Switch to SMS organizer from your default SMS App to have the smartest SMS inbox experience.

I’ve used default SMS app that comes with Android, Hangout.  Even Skype has option for managing SMS now but I would say that it is the best SMS app I’ve ever used and it is so good that I’ve reviewed it on Play Store as well.

Note: This is an app for India Only.

Check out the app on Play Store here.

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